BAJA 500 Updates 2011


The updates and coverage keep getting better...Thanks to a lot of people...RDC will have improved Weatherman Feed.

BAJA PITS will provide exclusive sat phone relays of the top bikes as they come through most of their 10 pits will have the fastest updates and then here on TT we'll also bring em quick...

Nothing like technology to bring the fans closer to the action.

Thanks for sharing this info, I will let friends know that are staying home. Will there be any info/updates on the top bikes in sportsman classes? Or just pro classes? I know; sportsmen are not pros but we all run the same course and many of the teams are very serious about the races but just don't have the funds or quite the speed to run in the pro classes however finish well in overall times. Not to detract from your post but just asking? Thanks

Great point D and we are getting more help to do this, part of the reason we need more people on the ground to send txts.

I the past we've been so busy interviewing, photographing and writing stories about the top pros, we've neglected the unsung heroes of BAJA: the sportsman.

point taken and we will try harder at covering these guys because they (and their fans and families) deserve this. God knows theres twice as many of them

Dane will be updating SMAN running orders from RM 105 Mag 7

thanks D Lafontaine

Here on BAJA Thumpertalk



RDC is scheduled to have the Weatherman Feed, Live Feed from Start Finish, a timed leader board of all 4-wheel vehicles coordinated by IRC and relay updates of the Bike.

George Antill the Announcer Dude is scheduled to be at the starting line with RDC's exclusive live feed. Watch the bikes leave the line and listen to George make the call. Maybe Boogers Dad Cameron Steele will be around to chime in as well.

As usual BAJA PITS will relay the running orders of the top pro bike classes and this information is most complete and accurate coverage of the Bikes...

Hambleton in Overseas right now so, we'll see if he can keep these boards updated like he has in the past. But everyone interested should do our part as this is a community effort.

Dane will be updating SMAN running orders from RM 105 Mag 7

thanks D Lafontaine

No thanks necessary SB - happy to contribute.

The gameplan is for me to make a move from PIT 2 to PIT 7 / RM 415 around mid-day. If that happens - I'll pop updates from there inclusive of sportsman motos coming through. :smirk:

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts guys....I know this can't be an easy task. Looking forward to following this race..........


I'll be in downtown Punta Cabras raceday with wifi.

It is a bit weak at times though, but I'll do what I can.

Mornin' Breauxman....

Where ya at?? I'm headin' out from my hotel room to take some shots of the bikes as they run into the river bottom coming off the asphalt. I'll make sure to bring'em back and post'em up before the trucks leave the line. I'll do the same, in the same spot for when the bikes return as well. Should be an epic race day!!


will load start line photos and have first updates on Facebook starting at 6:45

Hey Justin! What day is it in China? Your missing it!

Hey Justin! What day is it in China? Your missing it!

I'm not missing anything. We're 15 hours ahead. I already know who won!

(it's Saturday night at 9:11)

I can get to vegas in time... spill it.

weatherman is jacked again.

did 1x and 0x get off the line? or are we delayed?

Yeah, I'm confused about the start time. Score schedule of events says bikes start at 6:00, but Quinn Cody's Twitter post says Kendall doesn't leave the line until 6:30:30

I don't recall starting promptly at 6:00 so I don't think they've started yet.

2x left on time on WM.

OUR first leader update wont be until RM 80 before Check one...

OUR first leader update wont be until RM 80 before Check one...

T-minus 1 hour and 36 minutes (assuming last years winning avg mph of 50)

Did they all get off the line? Did I hear wrong; 2x off the line at 0600?

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