i weigh 205 pounds and my stock suspension is ok but i want something to fit my weight more. what suspension company should i go with, and what should i do??

the very first thing you have to do is to get the right springs for your weight

get the orginal front and back obserber shimsed or maby new springs for you weight, i would guess it its set for 150 pounds from the factory

You didn't mention it, but I'm guessing you're too heavy for the stock springs, so you're bottoming too frequently?...perhaps? Instead of going wholesale into a full blown suspension mod, why not just get the right springs for your weight and riding? After that if you're still dissatisfied, then a revalve mod would be in order. But you may just need new springs.

is there a specific brand i should go with?

didn't you post this same thread somewhere else saying you wanted to buy all new suspension instead of re-springing/re-valving yours?

You don't just buy all new suspension off the shelf that's sprung and setup for you. All of the suspension "brands" work on the suspension you already own.

diverse springs on ebay

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