Hard starter.

As in it feels like it has a heck of a lot of compression. Once u get it to turn over it fires right up and runs great. It is a stock 07 klx 110. Also, every now and then, rarely, the kickstarter goes thru the motion but doesnt turn over motor. Thanks for any help!

try adjusting the clutch. If that doesnt work put new clutch springs in and add two to the basket. Sounds like its slipping.

Add two what to the basket? Springs? Thanks for the response! Is the clutch easy to adjust? Link to thread? Think Im overdue on valve adjust too!

yes you can add two springs to the clutch if it is slipping. Yes you loosen the 10mm bolt on the clutch cover and adjust the clutch with a flathead. Valves should be at .002 IN and .005 EX

I have an drz110 and it has the same problem. after calling the local shop with the same issue I learned that there is a one way bearing that needs to be replaced.

pfff have fun replacing some bearing. Its the clutch.

bring it over and lets take a look at it.i think the clutch needs adjusting and some thinner oil.

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