Sprocket change advice?

Newbie to TT here. Just got back into MX after a 10 yr hiatus. Bought me a nice shape 06 yz450f. Since I like to fix motorcycles up, I pretty much just replaced, rebuilt everything except bottom end, handlebars, and chain sprockets. Didnt really need it but it was fun and it looks, runs like a brand new one now! Anyhow, previous owner rode woods and I plan on mostly MX. It has a 52t rear sprocket on it and stock size 13t on front. Both are in great shape as well as DID Oring chain. However, I def need to drop down to prob a 50t on rear. I really dont want to do both sprockets and chain right now as I used to do to keep wear the same. Any thoughts, advice on just changing rear sprocket to 50t or maybe just the front to a 14t? Would that equate to somewhat of an equal gearing change? Anyone have any real problems doing this? Seeing how they dont appear to be worn much if any I dont figure it to be a problem but thought I would throw it out there. Thanks in advance!:smirk:

iv done it plenty of times. its fine. i get good chains uselly and go threw 2 rear sprokets befor the fnt needs to be changed. once the front needs changing i get a new chain.

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