I need ONE spoke and ONE nipple

dose anybody know where I can get individuals? Everywhere I look I can only find sets. I don't want to buy a full set because I am going to get the Excel rim and spoke combo real soon, I just need to get settled in here in SoCal before I go blowing money, I want to ride again soon but I will NOT ride with a missing spoke.

Think you can order a single as an OEM part for most bikes.

Honda delaer in Chattanooga will sell singles.

Oh shoot I forgot! It's an 07yz450f.

I looked on motosport and they were only selling the whole set.

You're right, strange. Full set on TT store too. Maybe see if another bike with compatible spokes sells singles.

I will look into that. Thank you.

not sure what part of ca your in but North County Yamaha sells individual ones.

I had to pay $6 each for a used spoke/nipple here. it is a marvelous marketing plan to not sell them individually.

i can send you a used one if you pay shipping. i had to replace a whole set on an 08 yz250f due to one missing spoke.

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