450f starting/reliability

Hey guys, new member. I own an 04 wr450 and im planning on buying a 2008+ 450 mx bike in fall or next spring. Ive been looking at all brands but mostly honda and yamaha. Honda because of its good rep and yamaha because I never had problems with my wr (not saying the other brands are bad). Because I am not a pro I probably coudnt tell a big if any difference in power. Anyway, today I took a buddies CRF 450 for a spin and it was a blast. however after stalling it, I coudnt restart it and pushed it back to the owner who cranked for what I thought was long until it ran. it seemed he thought it was normal. (maybe I have been spoiled with my bikes easy starting.) So, Do mx bikes just all start a bit harder or are hondas known for this? long story but I wanna get as much info on a future purchase as possible, thanks.

When valves that are out of adjustment get hot it makes the bike harder to start. Ensure valves are in spec before you pass judgment about his bikes ability to re-start. Did you try and use the hot start?

no we just cranked. I didnt know if there was a problem or if i just suck at starting. It was just a quick spin and we didnt talk long about the starting.

i had a 2008 crf450r. animal of a bike so much fun i havnt ridden any other mx 450 except for a 07 wr450f but i love honda(s). but i currently like the rmz450 as my favouite mx bike

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