rm125 vs rm250

I currently race an 08' RMZ250. I just moved up to B-level. I'm looking to get a 2nd bike just for fun and would love an RM 2-stroke 04+.

I weigh only 140lbs in full riding gear. The 250 2stroke would be nice since I can race it in some more classes. I can even race it in the 250f class at the track I race at if I wanted. Plus I can do the 450 and open classes.

The 125 I know is a super lightweight fun bike which I know is probably better suited for my weight.

Track I mainly race at is pretty technical and tight supercross style.

I was thinking the 250 would be good with a flywheel weight, but would the bike handle right at my weight of 140lbs?

I recently rode a friend's modified yz250 and I didn't like the snappy un-predictable feeling it had on the tight track. As I stated though, first mod I'd do to a 250 (if I got one), would be a flywheel weight anyways.

get a rm250

I had an 07 Rm with a 144, loved it. Right now I have an 11 FI kx250f, and a really clean stock 05 kx 125 with low hours, and I honestly have more fun on the 125. I even raced it for a moto today because i was having problems with the 250f, and I had more fun in that moto than all day. For a fun bike, get a 125 because you can thrash on them. 250 smokers beat me up fast, and when the power kicks in, its violent at times. I raced an 05 kx 250 smoker for a while.

Definitely leaning more towards the 125. There is an 07' rm125 locally, original owner with all original paperwork for $1600. Might have to check this bike out!

I PROMISE you will not regret it. You will have so much fun, your rmz will end up sitting. I dont even really look at it as a practice bike, It seems like its my ONLY bike and I have an 11, with 5 hours on it since new. THe reason being the 125.

The 125 will give you a better feel for clutch and brakes also which will help with your racing.

Go with a 125. I just got an 07 rm125 and hav ridden my friends rm250. The 125 is hands down the better, FUNNER of the 2 bikes. U should probably get an rm too lol.

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