KTM 50 Pro Senoir Question

Trying to buy a pro senior for my son. a guy on craigslist says his is a 2001, but it has drum brakes. i thought from 2001 on they had disc brakes. any help would be appreciated

dont let that worry u, from my experience youll have less problems with drum brakes vs disc, have had both and with the disc plan on replacing pads very very often 2 or three muddy races on the back are gone, dont get my wrong they work a little better, but not enough to stop u from saving alot of money. if the bikes in good shape get it. good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure 2002 was when the bike had all the changes. Air cooled motor?

I have a 2000 and they're great bikes. No overheating issues with the air cooled motor.

Brakes are plenty strong.

yes its a 01.. i own a 01 w drum brakes and yes liquid cooled also thats when they changed the engine from a morini franco to ktm.. its good bike really fast

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