New Air Filter

Hi, I'm new and this question has probably been asked a billion times.

Looked up on it and couldn't find anything relevant to my bike even

though there were some posts but they didn't cover the answers I

had in mind. I need a new air filter, as you can see mine is dirty:

Now I looked up how to clean it because it looked similar to a K&N

even though it is completely stock. Was it suppose to have a air

filter wrapped around it? Anyways I read that there is no way to buy

another air filter you just have to replace that with an aftermarket part. I blame Honda on that part. So I want to get a K&N Air filter but have a few questions. I don't want to have to re jet my dirt bike because I don't know how, is there any air filter that doesn't make you do this? If so which one do I buy?


what model is it?

It is a 2004 XR100. I just want a new air filter that I won't have to rejet my carb.

It is a 2004 XR100. I just want a new air filter that I won't have to rejet my carb.

2004 was a CRF, not an XR. Perhaps that's the problem finding the OE filter? Check the engine vin, located near to the shifter; We can help you pinpoint the year if you post the engine vin here.

No there is 2004 XR100, it's just that's the year they switched to CRF. So the 2004 CRF100 is completely identical to the bike.

Proof, but nobody thinks there is a 2004 XR100, and that's why I have trouble getting parts.

Go down to Honda and order a new stock air filter.

It will be just the foam part that wraps around the steel cage you have in the photos.

Put some filter fluid on it and your good to go.

Keep it clean and your motor will last a long time, let it run when it's all dirty and your motor will cook itself in no time.Just get a stock filter from Honda.

Ok thanks for your support. I don't have a Honda dealer but I think i'll do this. I will clean the XR100 air filter [the one in the picture] with Air Filter Oil []

Then I will buy


and put it around the air filter? I hope that's what I need. I think just getting a K&N would be easier but I don't want to rejet.

04' is a crf100, the only difference between a 03 and 04 is plastics. the links you posted is for a 03, filters are the same from 85-current. i think i have one (oem) from an 02 if interested just pay shipping just pm me.

But would that method work?

The moose foam filter should fit your filter cage just fine.

Is your stock foam shot. You can clean them a bunch of times.

Hey man there was no air filter in it! I know and I went to my other bike (XR80) and there wasn't an air filter in that one either. I am kind of freaked out right now lucky my motor isn't blown up ha. What do I do? Is there suppose to be a foam filter or is it like a K&N? And since there isn't an air filter in it can I still clean the metal cage like a K&N and oil it after that?

No, you need a foam filter for the stock one to work properly, otherwise, you're going to just suck sand, grit, and dust right into the cylinder. There are a few aftermarket foam filters HERE and HERE that will work with your bike, but you might have to rejet. Or, you could order an OEM one from any Honda dealer online, like THIS ONE. Part #3 in the diagram is the Air Filter Element OEM part #17211-GN1-760.

Thanks case solved, already ordering one.

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