Knee braces - confusion and opportunity

I'm at a point where I need to start wearing knee braces.

I talked to my doc, and he says without a mitigating condition or injury, insurance isn't going to cover the cost.

OK, fine. :smirk:

After searching thru countless posts here and elsewhere, I see the Asterisk is the top rated knee brace and the price is commensurate.

But, this is a hobby, and dropping $$$ on a set knee braces with that price tag is going to seriously cut into my food habit.

I see several other options on the market, EVS, Thor etc that make less expensive knee braces.

After reading thru a few reviews on sites that sell them, I can tell the advertising dollar will make even the biggest POS an incredible thing in the opinion of some.

I know, Asterisk braces are cheaper than surgery, but, if there's a more affordable option out there, I'd really be interested in hearing some first hand info on fit, function and the ride with em on.

I've see some forum comments about one brand or another being too bulky, uncomfortable or just plain flimsy crap.

I don't need an angle iron frame with angel wing padding, but, I'd at least like to make it home without needing a skin graft.

I won't say $$$ is no object, as my health and well bring are involved, but anything decent for less (maybe much less) than the Asterisk would help.

A Cycle Gear near me has the EVS Vision knee braces on sale for $149/pair. The sale is over Tuesday. Some rate the Vision (and other EVS braces) as crap, but some like them.

What are you guys using for a knee brace and if you had to buy again, would you buy the same brace or go to something else ?

Any suggestions for making a knee brace more comfortable on long, scorching hot single track rides ?

check your pm!

I have used the asterisk and now have the pods, he pods are way better imho,

Even if they cost a lot, buy them, the last thing you want to do is injure your knee ligaments!!

they are well worth the cash if you want to ride for a long time...

I have been using asterisks since 2006 and am on my second pair. The easiest way to see the difference is try them on. Try on the EVS knee guards, they are not knee braces, then try on the PODs or Asterisks and you will see the difference. Its kind of like comparing a Chinese 250 dirt bike to a Pro Circuit 250f there is no comparison is you know what I mean. And seriously $600 is cheap insurance.

And for the nay sayers, no knee brace is going to help you if you wreck on a big jump or anything really high speed but then do work 100% on that goofy slow speed crap that catches your legs all the time.

Check out TLDs new knee brace. Its slimmer than asterisks and the way the knee bad is placed in the brace is better too.

My first knee brace was the EVS RS7 and it was kinda bulky. I bought it to prevent me from tearing a ligiment in my left knee cause I had issues with my left knee at the time. Long story short I came off the bike and landed on my feet from a jump of about 8 feet high and when I landed I herd my knee pop.

Tore the ACL,MCL and the menniscus all the way around. After surgery my Dr. Mark here on TT I had him wright me a RX for some CTi 180's .

I have had them for 3 years and really like them. Had him wright me another RX for another pair but this time I bought the CTi Pro-Sports which is there top of the line knee brace.

I tell ya what!.....These knee braces are the stuff...Bottom line. They are pricy at all most a grand but I just had to pay $285.00 for them. The 180's were $580.00 for the pair and I just had to pay $180.00 and tey are still good.

IMO if you can afford them then CTI's are the way to go.BTW mine were Off the self and not custom and they fit perfect.

Not having a Rx requiring injury yet either, I was wondering about these. Anyone had any experience with them? Thanks. Troy341

Two weeks ago, got braces TLD knee. Excellent protection and comfort. Before buying measure up all the available knee braces - Asterisk, web-Pod, EVS RC-8. Nothing is more convenient and quality, as there is no TLD. I recommend to look at them

TLD braces rule!!!!

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