what kind of exhaust should i get?

i have a 1996 yz 125 and want to get an aftermarket exhaust for it but dont know what to get any ideas?

Pro Circuit Platnium - Works Pipe with R304 Factory Silencer.

the Platnium and works pipe are the same but just different metal finish, if you want a silencer with low end power then get the R304 shorty, but if you want more top end then R304 factory.

i reckon the best Mx 2 stroke setup is:

. (Pro Circuit Platnium - Works Pipe with Factory R304 Silencer) For Top End Power

. (V Force Reeds 3) To Bring Back Low End Power

My guess is that you are not racing a bike that old. There are probably a lot of things you could do to improve its performance that are far more cost effective that a pipe or silencer (assuming your stock pipe is in good condition). Tires and suspension service would be obvious examples.

For a 125 2 stroke, i suggest the shorty and the sst combined.

you would spend more on the pipe than the bike is worth. but if you really want to know the PC works with a FMF silencer is the best combo.... i had the R304 on my 125 and it sucked so bad i put the stocker back on

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