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600R Pro Taper Bottom T-Clamp brake house mount ?/problem

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I just got a new and hard to find Pro Taper bottom triple clamp for my 600R. I installed it and it goes on perfect but the lower OEM XR brake line cable guide mount does not bolt up, its to small the holes need to be slighty spaced farther apart. Below is a pic of it. I had one of these PT clamps back in the day and don't remember haveing this problem but it could have come with its own mount and this one is missing it. Anyone know if a 650R lower brake line guide will work? there different part numbers but they use the same size bolts so I wonder if the bolt holes are a little more spaced out which is what I would need. Can anyone measure theres and tell me what the space is between the two holes on the 650R? Any other bikes guides that might work?


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