thumb vs. twist

i have an 85 atc250r, it currently has the stock thumb throttle, when i bought it i also purchased a twist throttle for it but im reluctant to put it on due to the fact that the way you have to lean to ride the bike makes it more difficult to utilize the twist. my question is how many of you have twist throttles and how many of you wish you didnt? what are the pro's and con's of each?

It's generally what you prefer, although twist throttles on 3-4 wheelers are COMPLETELY different beasts. You are more connected to a 2 wheeler, because you rely mainly on gripping the bike with your legs, so your arms are less involved. With 3 or 4 wheelers, you don't grip the bike with your legs as much, due to the nature of the beast, and therefore you are more connected to it through the handlebars, so you are more likely to make a mistake with a twist throttle than you are with a thumb throttle.

Due to my medical conditions, I can't operate a twist throttle for long, i tend to get wrist lock, and when your wrist gets still with you running wide open, stuff gets scary.

its all preference and riding style and location. i love twist throttles. but if you race your 250r or ride in a very bumpy place then you should go with a thumb. on my old banshee i ran a twist but it was a dune bike and i didnt do a lot of jumps.. my old kawi three wheeler i had a thumb throttle and wouldnt have changed it for anything. hope this helped some...

i prefer a twist on my quad but thats because im used to motorcycles. twists work good in open areas such as dunes, but would probably be a disadvantage in tight technical areas.

Yeah, really bumpy places where you can get tossed about aren't good for thumb throttles. Some places force you to jump far then brake hard, and if you don't prepare yourself, you can wind up ripping that throttle wide open into something.

i seen that same thing happen to a guy on a trike at summit in feb this year

i also have a twist on my it for eveerything but the MX track.....oh how many times i wish i didnt have it on.....MX thumb for sure....anywhere else i love my twist

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