Noisey XR400

My 2000 XR 400 is ticking very loudly from the RHS exhaust valve area. I have adjusted clearances but cannot seem to reduce the noise. I removed the rocker arn for inspection and thought it didn't look too worn but I'm not sure if this is the cause of the ticking?Cam looks okay too. I've attached a link to a photo of the rocker arm.

Any help would be appreciated. a>

The photo please?

Before you adjust the RH valve you must be sure the manual decomp has the correct free play and isn't actuating the valve at TDC, as set up for checking/adjusting the valves. Then after adjusting the valve, you reconfirm the manual decomp still has the required free play amount.


Yeah, i think the answer is related to the decomp somehow. I know the manual decomp is not activated but I'm thinking that the pin under the cam is activating the decomp maybe?? I'm not sure how this works though - after adjusting the valve clearance, I rechecked the gap and found it was very sloppy after i rotated the engine a couple of times. Then I re-set the gap and rotated it a few more times and it stayed the same. It was way too late to fire it up last night when I finished but I'm confident that it will have solved my problem - hopefully.

Big thanks again.

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