2010 TE250 Clutch Issues?

Morning all.

Yesterday, I took my brand new TE250 out for her first ride. Driving to the trailhead, a guy mentioned casually, "Oh, those have clutch issues" pointing to my bike. I laughed at him, but he got in my head a little.

For the first 10 miles, the clutch was dragging so much the starter had a tough time starting in anything but neutral. Ok, I think. It's new. Let them wear in a little.

They do. Eventually the drag lessens but it's replaced with a lever feel that is decidedly, "light switch". It travels to about half way then there's almost a click as it settles in to the engagement. Engagement is also a little like a switch.

Is this a known thing among owners of the new little motor?

The bike also has the stalling issue some other have seen. Feels like a too-rich carb sometimes.

If this matters to anyone, the bike has 50 miles on it from this one ride. That's all.


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