'03 CR250R Low End Bog/Seems To Run Too Cold

Hey there, I bought a used 2003 Honda CR250R last summer and since the day I bought it, it is very very boggy bottom end. I trail ride the bike and so when going through tight single tracks when i cant get the rpms up, it will bog. But when i get out to a open stretch of trail, and get the rpms up and shift through the gears it is perfect! I did a top end rebuild over the winter changing piston, rings, gaskets hoping this would fix the problem but it is still the same. I had a Honda mechanic do a tune up on it (adjusting the carb and new spark plug) a couple weeks ago and it is still the same if not worse. He also said that my plug was reading perfect, he has never seen a more perfect burning 2-stroke in his life. I have read on some other threads that it could be the crank seal leaking?? I checked my trans fluid and it was low about 1/4 - 1/3 liter.

I also say it seems to run too cold because after a long ride in the trails, the second i shut off my bike, i can hold my hand on the engine. it is not hot at all!!

Any help is greatly appreciated, I could deal with it before but it is so annoying now and I have spent piles of money trying to figure it out.


Check your power valve cables and adjustment. Take the cover off and the little batwinged cable piece should be rotated all the way clockwise so it is hitting the hard stop. If it is not then yor RC valve in no closing all the way and you are not getting the low end you should. Search on the cable adijustment. This is a common problem in 02+ cr 250s

I will check that and get back to you. thanks!

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