wanting a new quad but which one?


Last year i had a 07 rappy 700 SE had the big three, ( LTE dual exhuast, pcIII and k&n filter w/ lid removed) Had fun with it, but got bored with it because non of my friends had wheelers, well now that my dad finally has time off hes riding his wheeler more soo i want another one. Well i only want to spend around 2k soo i know i wont be getting another 700 but thats ok. I want something that's trail friendly has good low end grunt and good top end. Needs reverse. I have my own peice of haven right down the road from me, it's a long trail i take no real mudholes wide enough for a small truck and then it leads to this long fireroad that leads me to this nice size pit soo that's basically what i'll be riding in. I don't do to many jumps btw. Ohh and i need something that should be able to keep up with my dad's '11 can am outlander 800 with the big three haha. I was thinking a z400 pred 500 and maybe the newer rappy 660's i dont wanna get an older 660 that has tranny issues. Soo what do you think ? And whatever i will get i will mod it, exhaust filter and i will jet it cuz no fuel injection for me :smirk: I dont want to spend no more than that cause i want to get my 450hp camaro project on the road at some point.

-cost under $2,000

-trail friendly

-needs reverse

-good top end

-good low end grunt

Really no one has any opinons ?

For woods trails, my choice is the Honda 400EX. It is the slowest of the performance quads...but who cares on a trail where I will never get out of 3rd gear. I had a Z400 years ago, and it is a nice trail quad as well, but doesn't lug down as nicely as the EX.

As for keeping up with the Outlander 800, it will beat you in the strights, but you will have it all over that hug fat pig in the corners.

a 400ex there top of the class in 400s

Yamaha worrior 1st choice 2nd choice Honda 400eX

i'm prob gonna settle for a 02+ rappy 660

If you go with a 660 and the trails by you are anything like they are here, do yourself a favor and drop a tooth on the front sprocket. Made quite a difference on mine.

my rappy 700 did just fine through the trails soo i'm guessing the 660 will too.

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