LC4 Steering Damper

Hi All...... I've got a '95 LC4 620 that is really twitchy in the steering. I was wondering if any of you have run a steering damper and did it help..... they're pretty spendy.

As always.... Thanks!


Before spending money on a sterring damper consider new springs for your weight and some valveing. Being as old as it is the springs might be sacked. Thats what I would do first. Then if you still aren't happy at speed then the damper.

Thanks!... I'll get the suspension tuned up first.


Fork height in triple clamps and rear suspension settings affect your steering as well. Both free.

How to section has a good write up on setting your suspension.

I have a GPR stabilizer on my 625 SMC and it's great. Rock soild at high speed but I still had to adjust the suspension for my weight and riding style.

1.5" sag in rear, 1/2" up in triples for me and my bike.

Thanks!..... I've been reading a lot and, from what I understand, the farther up the fork tubes are mounted the more sensitive the steering becomes...?... I did some basics and re-set the whole front suspension, it was definitely tweaked, looks much better now... riding it tomorrow.... I'll post back...


GettinSideways: You could have a number of things going on there.

- Check the bearings and ensure they are lubed and working smoothly without impingement from side-to-side.

- Get the specs to your forks and make sure they are adjusted accordingly. Find the right person with the right credentials to make the (initial) right adjustments.

- Not sure where it is exhibiting the symptom, but check tire wear, pressure and balance

- Bleeders work well in some cases, but I never see any for WP forks. I use them ( to bleed the air out) religiously on my dirt bike in very rough terrain.

- Raising the forks will increase the turn-in performance at the risk of straight line performance. Make small incremental changes and ride over different terrain and conditions to judge the difference.

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