Who's running different offset clamps on 07-09?

I'm curious about the different offset clamps for the 07-09 rmz. Stock is 21.5 and it looks like RG3 and others recommend 20mm for even better turning. I know the RMZ already turns great as it sits, but I'm looking for even more, along with better durability so the bars don't twist when crashing at 1 mph :smirk:

RG3 looks to have the best mounting design with the 4 bolt design. They are rediculously expensive though, like $500+ without stem or bearings.

Applied Racing seems to be a tad cheaper. Ride Engineering seems to be the cheapest with stem and bearings included.

Anyone run these or other brands? How did they help with turning and did it help or add to the headshake that the RMZ tends to get at high speed?

I race at a tight supercross track for the most part, so quick sharp turning is what I'm mainly after.

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