Monster or Rockstar?


:smirk:I'm thinking I like the monster energy outfits a lot better than the rockstar. Do ya suppose rockstar would care if Monster sponsored the outdoors too?

Yeah it seems like the monster girls are usually hotter too. Usually. The hangtown pit pass video on transworld has two rockstar girls in it that are smoking hot.

Monster gear looks better and the chicks do to but monster tastes like someone took a radio active piss in a mt.dew

I dgaf breh! sikky sikky gnar gnar energy drinks errrday! haha jk Monster ftw, but only the absolutely zero. everything else has too many calories and tastes terrible! although I am a sucker for the rockstar and cola on occasion. if you are in college, you have acquired a taste for energy drinks. finals are made for it!

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much for many* ENGLISH!!

THe rockstar chicks are Hot just not as Jersey shore spray tanned or inflatable titted ..... Bottom line Both Companies hav Hot chicks and Shit product ! I like good ole fashioned RedBull

My kid with a few Monster Girls!!!

He really hated this...:smirk:



^^^How can you hate that??? I'd cream my pants.

Bottom line Both Companies hav Hot chicks and Shit product !
I think that sums it up nicely. I like how the Rockstar girls kinda pack into their yellow tights, and generally look a bit more human. But hey, I'm not saying there is ANYTHING bad about any of those girls.

Im getting tired of both. Can we have sponsors that dont promote people wearing the same baggy trashy clothing and flat billed hats?

*shakes old man cane*

When the monster girls start wearing pants that the crotch hangs to there knees while wearing a flat billed hat, I will change the channel.:smirk:

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