new dr-z 400s

hey guys lots of great info/knowledge here! new member, been lurking for a while. i just picked up a new 2011 dr-z 400s-love it. have some parts ordered and got a couple with the bike; ascerbis hand guards,dunlop 606 f/r. ordered skid plate,radiator guards,clutch cover. any suggestions? had dirt bikes growing up but havent had one since this,almost 15 years, so got a sore ass now. any input would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the show !!! You have a good start, Loc Tite fixes, FCR 3X3 Mod, SSW/MRD pipe, ect. Do some searches and you will be amazed at the information.

Welcome, where are the pictures?

Don't forget the 3X3 and re-jet.

Definitely look into the Sterns ATV seat cover available at walmart for $18. It makes a world of difference.

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