XT500 Speedo Cable Problem

I am rebuilding a 76 XT500 basket case (never had one before, none in the area). I am installing new cables and I can't figure out how to attach the speedo cable to the hub. Cable slides into the hub nicely, but there's no place to put a screw to hold it in. Also, cable has a slot that looks like it might require an o-ring or a seal but none came with the cable. Clymer and Haynes manuals no help.

Can anyone out there clear this up?


Old eyes couldn't see the groove for the snap spring.

I even found a snap ring that fits in a box of misc screws/washers/nuts/broken bits and crap that came with the basket cases.

This XT is the third of 10 bikes I'm re-building. TT600 and XT600 are done and running great! After this XT, I still have an SR500, SRX600, XT500, 4 TT500's and a couple of spare engines.

I'm short on things like wheels, rear fenders, shocks, electrical bits.

Same old BS story - "Everythings there in the boxes - honest!"

The stock set up to retain the speedo cable is a round wire affair with two tabs (ends) sticking out along the cabe so you can grab with pliers and squeeze and remove. Know very well what you mean about "it's all there!" Sure it is.....

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