08 yz 250 want to fire up but wont.

i was at the track yesterday and the bike stalled and now it wont fire up. i changed the plug but still nothing. any ideas?

Ran out of gas?:smirk:

Any spark? And if so, is it good, consistent spark? Dark room should allow you to see. Use of a timing light also will show if it has irregular firing; just point the timing light at the wall in a darkish room and kick it over.

I take it you have compression, checked all wiring, wiring connections, said you already changed plug, no water where it shouldn't be, made sure carb isn't clogged, etc: all the simple stuff. Magneto rotor key not spun? (timing ends up in wrong place, but has good spark)

yea its got a good spark. im about to clean the carb. apreciate it man.

did it stall while idling, or while wringing its neck or at any sustained throttle position?

no i was just going through a corner and got bogged in the rut and she stalled out on me.

When was the last time the top end was serviced?

When was the last time the top end was serviced?

kinda sounds like today. stalling out under power is never a good thing.

it was the killswitch. seized up but i got a new one and she runs like a champ now

Great. Thanks for getting back.:ride:

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