Can anyone help me?

Hi, i have just bought a ktm 300 exc 09 2 stroke and i am struggling with its height, i am 5,9 and 95kg, i have tried cutting the seat down which has helped a little but just makes my arse sore more than anything:lol:

I have tried adjusting the sag and pre load and also dropped the forks through the clamps but these only seem to give you a couple of millimeters here and there, i love the bike but am struggling when having to stop and put my feet down as i can just tip toe the floor, can anyone please help or reccomend any ways of lowering to fit me?

Look up X Bushing. it will get it just a bit lower.

If you are cutting the stock seat you need to narrow it along the top just a bit which will allow you to get over the edge of it and get your foot down a little bit farther.

EVERY millimeter you get it lower fels like a lot.

A good suspension tuner should be able to properly lower the suspension by shortening the shock shaft. Not the cheapest method but definitely the best from what I've read.

yeah it has nade it wider now ive cut it down and its like sitting on a brick someone mentioned putting different linkage on have you heard of this?

Just been looking at x bushing, it looks ok i read a few reports on it saying they wear out really fast and they are failing after 4 rides?

Mine has over 2000 miles on it and is still good and tight.

Just like the stock bushing you need to keep it lubed often.

I can only get one foot to the ground. You will never get both your feet flat unless you are 6' 4" or so.

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