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1979 KE100 run out problems

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Hey guys,

I've got a 74 Kawi G5 with a 1979 KE100 engine in it. It starts easy, and idles fantastic. If you open the throttle all the way it falls on its face and dies. You can ease into the throttle, or bump it continually, and it will reach top RPM without a problem. When you put it in gear, the second you let out on the clutch it bogs bad again and dies. You can hold the throttle wide open and feather the clutch to get going, and once you've reached the power band you can ride it, but the second it falls out, it is bogging and really hard to keep running. I have had the carb off six different times this morning adjusting float level, and i think i have it about right. All the O-rings and seals are brand new, as i just got this engine back together. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what the problem is because it ran like a champ before i tore it down. (had to replace the crankshaft, bottom rod bearing was gone) Does anyone have ANY ideas? I'm on the verge of packing it full of composition B and lighting the fuse.


Thanks a lot guys,


Also, it has been bored over 1mm, plenty of compression, and an extremely hot spark. The timing is right also.

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