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250f low end bog and head shake? not existant before...

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So my bike has been doing some funky things recently and Id like to ask to get a starting point for either before I go waste money.

1) Low end bog,

about 3 weeks ago I had half Super gas and Half regular gas in my tank and experienced a low end bog or hesitation, feathering the clutch takes it away and from the mid to upper RPMs its perfect. Thought it was the gas issue so I drained it and rode it again this week for about 2 hours with Super and it ran fine with no bog. Took it to the track yesterday 1 day after the 2 hr test with new fuel and it started doing the same thing after about 2-3 laps. Ive noticed it tends to do this worse when i clutch and lock up the rear for a slide on very tight turn. It has a fresh top end in it with just under 10 hrs, valves and timing were checked and their good. Air filter is due for a cleaning today but when the bog appeared the filter was cleaned with maybe 10 min of riding on it. Bog/hesistation was enver an issue so any thoughts?

2) Head shake,

Took a dump on the bike and tweeked the front alignment so I took the forks out, tire off and loosened the tripple clamps and straightened everything back up and torqed it all to spec. Previously my front soaked up everything and never had a head shake issue but after the "alignment" i get bad head shake on anything choppy and it seems to want to wash out on any turn that doesnt have a nice rut to fall into. Rebled the air to make sure it wasnt build up and it helped slightly but it still has the same symptoms. checked the head bearing and its slightly loose and have one on order but doesnt seem to be large enough to cause this much of an issue. Anyone have an way to realign the front? could be I did it wrong but ive been using this way for a year now with no issue.

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