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Handlebar Adjustments

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Hi guys- Took my first long highway ride yesterday on my stock 2009 SM- about 90 miles; and by the time I arrived, even with 2 breaks my back was killing me. I feel like I was just short of sitting straight up, and the slight lower back bend is what was hurting me. To this end I think I'd like to adjust the bars towards me a bit- they're currently set to 2 on the diagram- so 2 questions- 1. When adjusting, is it just a matter of loosening the 4 screws on that upper clamp below the speedo? (looked in service manual, but didn't see it) and 2. Is the 1-5 settings as diagrammed on the bar as far in either direction as far one can go, or can I go below one (closer to me) if it feels like a better riding position? I'm 6'0 and have a standard Seat Concepts seat on it. I really hope I can work this out, or I'll have to figure something else out for the weekend getaways... As always- Thanks in advance. :smirk:

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