Missing diffuser replacement options


I'm new to the forum, looks like a great community. I see there is no shortage of diffuser talk but a search suggests my question might be unique.

I just purchased a 2007 CRF250X. The PO removed the diffuser to make it "louder for his kid" :smirk: He didn't change anything on the intake side, stock jetting, etc..

Unfortunately he lost the diffuser and I'm not looking for louder. I could buy a new one from the dealer or find a used one but I'm wondering if there is an aftermarket option with any advantages that I should consider.

Thanks in advance!

I have a stock 250x pipe for sale pm me if you want it.

No option for stock. Only OEM replacement. There must be thousands out there for pennies.

There must be thousands out there for pennies.

I'm game, anyone have a diffuser for an '07. I can do better than pennies!

I had the same situation when I bought my '06 a couple years ago. I think dealer price for a new diffuser is something absurd like $200. I couldn't find the used diffuser by itself on EBay or elsewhere, so I bought the somebody's used stock pipe for about $40 off Ebay. Just make sure the seller's diffuser is complete. Ask them to send pictures of it taken apart before buying.

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