Michigan single track


I hear michigan has some awsome single track, where are the best trails, (long challenging loops). There are some good loops in ontario but I cannot get enough :smirk:

Evart is one of the most challenging single tracks in Mi. We were to ride it last Friday but we've had a lot of rain and opted for Long Lake instead. Northern Mi is dirt bike/enduro paradise. I've lived in Quebec, Ontario but didn't start riding dirt till I moved to Illinois (Chicagoland) after road racing for a couple of years. Now working in Mid-Michigan and one of the best things is the awsome endo/trails riding. We go pretty well every Wed. after work. Locals are really friendly & helpful.

Where are you in Ontario?

Long and challenging is pretty subjective.

Comprehensive online guide here, look for the ones with just the cycle symbol: http://www.vvmapping.com/miorv

In the lower peninsula some of the noteworthy systems are North Missaukee, Tomahawk and Big O. There are plenty of others, all depends on how much sand and whoops you are after.

In the UP, Sandtown, Moss Lake, Porterfield Lake and Bass Lake are all worth a ride.

Grand Traverse loop is a great ride. I also ride Tomahawk loops alot. Check the Michigan DNR website for trail maps.

Thanks for the info everyone,much appreciated!

Tomahawk loops are great.

My club (from Florida) is going to Newberry, MI in July. Any comments on trials in that area?

My club (from Florida) is going to Newberry, MI in July. Any comments on trials in that area?

Six Days ?

Newberry is a great area, we maintain the Silver Creek trail just north of town.

Single track is SandTown, then the Sandtown to Brevort trail. Brevort is pretty whooped, though it's not had an event in a few years and so may be "smoothing out" a little.

That's worth a couple days of riding there. North of town is all ATV trail (50"). Silver Creek is pretty rough, but you won't notice that part too much on a bike. Fun trail, but there are some whooped sections that you can either take or skim the edges...

North of there, up near Lake Superior is Two Hearted and Pine Ridge. Pine Ridge was graded over a year ago but has little traffic is pretty smooth. All sand and flat as heck, winding through various pine types. Two Hearted is sandier and usually more whooped (was last time I was on it). More beach sand which gives up quicker.

Need a plated bike to get north of town, that or trailer up (parking lots on any of the systems). Don't need a plate to ride to the trails south of town, but check with the motel/cabin to determine the best way as there are two State Highways that you need to get around depending on where you end up.

I rode the Brevort trail this weekend, had a great time. Looks like no one has been riding it, except for trail maintenance. It was well maintained, however, in a few weeks ferns may hide a lot of it. I think it may have smoothed out some. There are a few spots whooped out and a few acre clear cut area that you run through. I see why they ran some enduros there. I rode Tomahawk C loop Monday and felt like the Maytag repairman...saw no one the whole loop. There were plenty of tracks though and more trail maintenance has been done from the last time I was there.

Six Days ?

Yes, but how'd you know that?

Yes, but how'd you know that?

we mark trail for one day of the event.

we mark trail for one day of the event.

Now, I'm confused. What event? We're just going there to ride. Is there an organized event there? We'll be there July 10-16th.

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