chain drag robbing my HP

I purchased a new 09 KTM 250 XCFW, it now has about 15hrs on it, at first I figured the chain would break in, but when the bike is on the stand I can turn the rear wheel but what a drag from the stock KTM o- ring chain, I want to get a replacement chain looking for suggestions on a chain to eliminate DRAG, I saw a new Yamaha 450 yesterday, when on the stand the wheel spins easily, I took my chain off to make certain it was not a rear wheel bearing, are there any O- ring chains that will not rob me of any drag, or go with a non oring chain, any suggestion on what kind to get.


When the bike is new there is quite a bit of drag when on the stand. This is because of the lower guide behind the front sprocket. Once it wears some the drag is minimal.

I went with a DID VT chain and it's much lighter and narrower. It spins freely on the stand.

what about when the chain warms up?

Exactly! An o-ring (and x-ring) chain will spin far easier once it gets warmed up.

What the other guys said.

Also, I use to eat up Renthal aluminum rear spocket, combined w/ steel front, and high quality standard chain. It was getting expensive replacing that stuff every 3-4 months or so. I always replaced everything all at once and I use to maintain it very well.

Last time around I bought an Ironman rear sprocket, the same front I always bought, and a cheap house brand O-ring chain from RM ATV. Had this stuff for about 18 months now. It literally has lasted me about 6x as long as the other stuff I used to run. And I honestly barely maintain it anymore. I was just looking at it closely the other day and the sprockets are still at like 85% where-as the chain is maybe 50% worn. I'm just going to order a new chain this week (they are only like $47) and slap it right back on the same used sprockets.

I could feel a response difference when I went to the heavier stuff but it was subtle. The engine response basically felt like I was running a slightly heavier flywheel weight. I think I weighed it all and the weight increase was like 1.8# but it's all rotating weight plus the increased friction. Well worth it to me.

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