Surgery Update With Dr. Sanders

Well fellow TTers, I recently (3 days ago) had a plate and 6 screws put on my broken collarbone by Dr. Sanders, and I just have to say that Dr. Sanders is the man! The day after surgery I started my rehab at his offices, and I could already move my arm through the full range of motion and preform exercises I had no idea I was capable of doing. And 3 days into the recovery, even though I've been taking it easy, I know I could easily use my arm like usual with no pain or weakness. All in all, Dr. Sanders definitely knows what he's doing and will have you recovering faster than you ever thought possible! SO if any of you reading this have an injury that you need to have checked out, TALK TO DR. SANDERS!!! You won't be disappointed! Thanks Doc!:smirk:

Sounds like a similar experience I recently had with breaking my collarbone. I broke my collarbone on a Saturday and the ER surgeon on call that day at the hospital happened to be a shoulder specialist. The next day I was in for surgery to get my collarbone plated.

But I was in quite a lot of pain for the first few days after surgery. Not sure about your case, but my entire shoulder was punched in by just over 4 cm's. Although, just about all the pain completely went away after 5 days of so. 6 weeks later it is as if it never happened minus the numb patch I have where the incision was made. Haven't ridden yet, but I am going to try and jump on my bike this coming weekend though, probably could have went earlier, but I really don't want to cause any issues.

Surgery is definitely the way to go with regards to getting the collarbone fixed.

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