2010 450SXF Clutch blew apart!

So I was riding the other day, landed from a small jump and suddenly the motor started knocking really really bad. It sounded like valves hitting the piston or major rod knock or something. So I take the valve cover off and the first thing I notice is the cam chain isn't tight. I pull he tensioner out and it's totally compressed. So now I'm thinking that the tensioner failed, the chain went slack and jumped teeth, and the valves hit the piston. However, when I took the top end apart, everything looked fine! Convinced there had to be something worse, I removed the clutch side case cover, and holy smokes, there was a bunch of rubber dampeners and rivet fragments laying on the bottem. I removed the clutch and discovered that, what the parts book calls the "Outer Clutch Cpl" blew apart. Any thoughts on what would have caused this? I just can't see a correlation between the cam chain going slack and the clutch coming apart, so I'm really worried about just replacing the parts and putting it back together. Any thoughts would be appreciated!! It's all stock w/64 hrs on it.

Clutch failure > oil pump failure > lack of oil pressure > tensioner collapsed.

Fit a Dirt Tricks tensioner, they dont collapse.

I never thought of it that way. Thanks for the input!

I suppose the tensioner is probably still good, but I'm not running it.

I ordered a Dirt Tricks tensioner yesterday along with all the other parts I needed.

replace the oil pumps as well, they don't do well with chunks going through them.

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