öhlin ttx44 shock obserber

I bought a shock absorber ttx44 from Öhlin and it should also fit onto a WR450F 2009 according Öhlin dealer, it was purchased in the U.S., but it seems that there are differences between US and European models wr450, or they sent me the wrong obserber, the one i got does not fit on a WR450F from 2009, is there anyone in this forum who have bought such an absorber from Öhlins and possibly have a picture of that one so I can compare it with the one I have, then I have something to show to my Öhlin Dealer, because it looks like there is only 1 way communication when it comes to return the iterm, it should also fit on a yz250 2008-2011,

Or if one has a picture of the link system from a YZ 250 2008-2011 U.S. model underneath from the side so I can compare the link system on my Wr450 from 2009, i have messure the link system on a wr450 from 2004 and the is the same as on a wr450 2009:bonk:

it is the bottom holes i can not aligned, the spring is touching the frame on the swing arm before the holes is aligned so i can't fit the bolt

i do have a picture of it but i dont know have to post it here

On the top of the shock - opposite side of the gas reservoir you should find engraved

YA 1084 - this is the right shock for WR450 and WR250 (2007-2010) -works 135 mm in stroke.

YZ250 shock has a part number YA 1093 for period 2008-2010- and 130mm in stroke. Hopefully this helps you...



yeah the model number will designate what bike it fits and is for.......pretty simple

Thanks I will have look

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