125 engine question.

:smirk::banghead::banghead:never had this happen before.

I was riding and for about 2 hrs of riding time my engine has hadd a slight bog in very low rpms. not like a normal 125 bog but just a low sound you can here. ( it is a very torquey feeling 125) any way i was riding trails and it sounded like my bike started flooding, fouling a plug or something similiar.

It eventually cleared up, lsat time it happened before that i changed a plug and it was good for a little bit.

Next day i was riding some trails and it happened again, bike eventualy bogged till it quit like a fouled plug. Got it started and it wouldn clear up for a long ass time, Got it to clear up a little bit and then i hit a tiny ass puddle of water and it did it again and now it just wont start unless i pop start it, it pin it and have it wound out then it quits after about 10 seconds?? Cant kick start it though, and its getting spark.

Sometimes it doesn get a spark on a kick though?

Confused as hell any input would be great, it has vforce 3 reed valve and reeds, i noticed on each side the corners were a bit wore off but would that make this issue? BTW bike is a 05 kx125 but i put it in this part of the forum cause its just a engine quesstion

it sounds as if your top end is failing you brother.

What type of sparkplug are you using?

m no expert but my reeds were like that and I changed them and it stopped. I also let it go and it cracked and sucked the reed in.

general rule is uf uts acting lean its the piston, acting rich its the reeds, check the reeds, ill bet thats the problem

thanks guys i just ordered some reeds fri cause the corners were a little chipped but its def not lean the plug is very wet and i was using the iridium one and fouled it on a trail and then used a reg. br8es or a 9

sounds like its low on compression or the tranny side crank seal is leaking.

either way it will not last long when...

now it just wont start unless i pop start it, it pin it and have it wound out then it quits after about 10 seconds?

Can you push the kickstarter with your pinky?

If so:

it sounds as if your top end is failing you brother.

its a 125 so its easy to push over. but it will kick start sometimes. how do i tell if its leakn?

I was having this same problem. If I rode trails where you are in lower rpms it would kill plugs. Es plugs are garbage. Use a br8eg and I bet this problem will go away.

ill try em but i gotta put new reeds in. and i dont ride low rpms im usually on the pipe

Yeah the es plugs are cheaper but it seems like no matter how I rode I would never get more than a few hours out of one of those plugs. That might solve your problem or it might not. But it's worth a shot instead of ripping into your motor if you don't need to. Change those reeds then put in a br8eg or a br9eg. You said your usually on the pipe so go with the 9.

Check compression.

so i put a new plug, reeds. cleaned carb. Found some dirt in the choke and cleaned filter and power valve

Oh, and it started first kick.

I still say it will not last you long.

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