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83 Xt550 new head gasket leaking HELP!

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I'm looking for some advice on a leaky head gasket.

I replaced both the head and base gaskets on my 550 about 200 miles ago while I was changing the timing chain and checking out the general condition of the cylinder. Right from the get go my base gasket had a small weep but it seemed quite minor so i left it. Both the head and cylinder were torqued to spec according to the shop manual.

I did a 4 hr highway ride a week ago and the head gasket started to leak as well. Looked also like just a weep at first but then later this week I noticed it dripping on the ground when the bike was parked.

Yesterday I cleaned the engine off completely and rode about 10 blocks to see if I could pin point the leak and it had already started to drip over the cylinder so I suspect the head gasket is leaking more and more.

I wonder if anyone has had any luck with re-torquing the head while the engine is still in the frame. The weather is finally good here and the last thing I want to do is put the bike back up on the blocks to pull the motor.

There isn't much room between the top tube of the frame and the engine and I wonder if it is even possible to get a torque wrench in there.

Also, I seem to be getting mixed opinions about weather or not it is ok to slightly over torque your head. I know in theory this is a bad idea but I also talked to a few mechanics that said they would over torque by a pound or two just to see if it stops the leak.

I ordered the complete Athena gasket kit as was recommended by my Yamaha dealer, maybe these gaskets are crap.

Also if I did end up having to get a new head gasket, would i have to get new head bolts again too? like I said I just replaced both the gasket and the head bolts on my rebuild 200 miles ago.

Any opinions or experience advice would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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Iv'e had long head bolts stretch and 'go soft' ,it will feel like the treads are pulling out.

Iv'e also seen cylinders warped from too much over tighting.

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