talon wheel spacer issues

Alright so i picked up a set of talon hubs awhile back and the stock spacers never did fill the larger seals so mudd and grime filled it up with ease. I just put new bearings in them and want to protect this set, so who makes spacers for the talon hubs that will fit my yz? I feel like i have looked everywhere and can't find anything, i debated making my own which i will if this thread doesn't produce thanks guys! this is likely the last stupid question i will have before my completely redone bike is back to ripping!

well i figured it out, actually i remembered my buddy had the same issue i don't know how to delete a thread so if you can feel free. in case your wondering QTM out of california sells them, the website is retarded, but the part numbers for the front are 56-080 &56-380 and that fits the hub # tw-731-A which is good for most 06-09 125-250 yz's and 250-450 yzfs for sure, there were more but i forgot them. the axle size being 20mm and the seal inner diameter being 36mm. they run about $27.

@xlr8rr i saw those two but it looks like you have to buy the whole set, i have the correct rears i just needed the fronts. thanks for the help though!

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