Pipe Discoloration?

The bike is jetted and burning good. The spark plug looks great and is milk choclate brown, but this past weekend I have been at the track and been riding alot and kinda raping it :smirk:. Anyways, I started to notice the pipe coming right out of the head started to get purple, and finally worked its way down to the first major bend! What do you guys think? Obviously hot!?

Pipe discoloration is normal. What do you think will melt first? Alloy piston or Steal pipe. If it still runs, run-it!

Is this a nickel plated pipe or a non painted works pipe? Hell its just now starting to look cool. Works pipes will turn gold then purple if your riding the bike like a two stroke should be rode. Takes a lot of time and heat to turn a nickel plated pipe blue. I bet your not dripping oil out of the silencer. :smirk:

Its the PC works pipe, and no, no oil dripping out, just a little wet around it. But ok, just double checking.

If the first 6 inches is turning blue and the plug is not white or any detonation that means it's RIGHT. I think i read where R.C. mechanic used the color of the first 6 inches of the pipe to judge if it jetted right.

ya I measured and its the first 4 inchs. Sounds like I need to shoot for another inch...:smirk:

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