Rm 250 expert needed!

i have a 2001 suzuki rm 250 (k1 model) and the crankshaft bolt on the pto side unscrewed and got sucked into the engine, the crankshaft was bent in the process, ive been looking all over the internet for one (ebay, kijiji etc) and nothing, but i came across that the 1999 crankshaft was the same? the 2001 crankshaft oem part number is 12200-37E31 and the 1999 was 12200-37E30 but was replaced by 12200-37E31, so could a 1999 fit in my 2001? any information would help me greatly

NOTE: Wiseco and Hot Rod do not make cranks for these bikes and 03 and up will not fit

thanks lecairb

Try going to a dealership web site that let's you order parts online. Then pick one for your bike and one for the '99 RM250, both should come up with the same superceeded part number ... if they are really the same.

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