Suspension set up for 250 lbs

Need help from people who are smarter then me (most people). I acquired a new 09 wr450 about a year ago and had the suspension set up for my height and weight (5'11 250 lbs) by Dicks Racing in Sacramento.

I told them I mostly ride in the desert and am probably a b rider. They revalved and resprung the forks and rear shock. I have only been out on the new suspension for approximately 30 hours. I feel as though the bike does not suck up the whoops and sharp hits as well as it should. I have a hard time articulating why it feels rough due to lack of knowledge about suspension.

I spent $700.00 and would like to get my money's worth. I believe Dicks will accommodate any request I provide them I just am not sure how to explain why it does not feel the way I believe it should. Any ideas on how to fix the suspension or explain why it does not feel adequate.

try going full stiff on the compression then full soft , that way you will get a feel for what you do and don't like

Good call, probably should have tried that on my own. Thanks we'll give it a go.

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