cr250 can i change frames

hi everyone just looking for advice about changing my frame i have a 1996 cr250 with steel frame and i was wanting to put the engine in the newer aluminuim frame thanks for any adivice get :smirk:.

It would probably work just don't use the '97-99 frames as they handled like crap.

It will bolt right up to a gen 2 frame (2000 or 2001 cr250). The exhaust is the issue. Bolt pattern is the same 92 thru 01. You can goto a gen 3 frame, 02 thru 07 with a kit or by building a head stay and maybe modding the motor mounts a touch.

Slaping a 01 or 00 jug on your lower end will have the exhaust the agrees with the port timing. You would want to use an corresponding CDI/stator as well.

I would think it would be cheaper to go buy a gen 2??

does anyone now if my forks and swing arm will go on the newer frame too thanks for the help

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