cr250 can i change frames

i was woundering if anybody could tell me if a steel frame cr250 1996 engine would go in the new shape aluminuim frame thanks.

Yes it will. It will bolt right into a 97-01 and with slight mods it will fit into an 02+. I had an 00 motor in an 03 and plenty of people have them too. Thats a nice motor and that bike in general is a very capable bike. Honestly it would only be worth it if you did put it into an 02+. Just my .02

thanks for that fella what kind of mods did you have to do to they 02 frame

its possible but it isnt worth the effort unless you put it into a 02+ frame

does anyone now if my forks and swing arm will go on the newer frame too thanks for the help

No on the forks, they are a different diameter but you can find all kinds on ebay. Im not sure on the swing arm but I dont think it would. You'd be surprised how cheap you can find stuff on ebay. the 96 is a good bike, I think it would be worth it to rebuild it and keep it around.

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