yz 250 fork spacer question please help

Hey guys, I have a 2006 yz250 with 2008 fork cartridges which are a bit shorter than the 06 cartridges. I have a few questions.

1. Is the shock length on the 06 and 08 and up bikes the same while just changing the cartridge length to a shorter one??? If thats the case, doesn't that increase the stock pre-load on the fork spring?

2. I put a 3.75 spacer in the shock and want to know at this point what I should do as far as making the geometry correct with the 08 fork cartridges (being shorter slightly already) as I am experiencing poor turning and a heavy front wheel effect. I am figuring 10mm spacer should be added (which I assume adds 10mm extra preload no??

3. If I just add a spacer on the cartridge rod, doesn't that automatically increase preload on the spring by the same amount (lets assume 10mm spacer).

4. How is preload altered and determined on these forks??

Seriously, any help would be appreciated guys


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