Little end bush

Does anybody know if you can buy the little end bush seperate from the conrod ? :smirk:

You referring to the piston pin?

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No the brass bush that sits in the little end of the conrod were the piston pin slides into.

if that rod is worn you might consider replacement , you have done a lot of miles on that bottom end .

i would replace the rod or the crank assy ... to be safe

my opinion

You could have it replaced... But the safer/more practical

Bet would be to drop a new crank in it from hot cams.

If your trying to install a new small end rod bushing with the rod on the crank and crank in the case....I'd bet you have more problems then solutions with that plan.

Hey , the rod is not worn but there is some markings on the lower part of the bush , it looks like you could freeze the bush and slide it right into the small end of the conrod.

If the big end and crank bearings are also worn.....

I recently bought a bottom end rebuild kit for $400.

Included hotrods crank/rod assembled, crank main bearings, and full engine gasket/seal kit.

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