Electric starter quit working 09 wr250f

Was riding today and i shut my bike off. When i went to restart the electric starter would not work. It was acting like the battery was dead> there was buzzing type sound coming from the little Square box by the battery and the display goes all dim but will not turn over, it does however kickstart properly and runs just fine, I checked and my positive cable was loose so I tightened itand went for a very short ride. tried again with the e-starter and still no go. I did check both the 10amp fuses and they were good. and electrical stuff I find diffucult does anyone have any sugestions for me.

First I would ensure your battery is at a proper charge level. Use a multimeter and make sure the battery is charged. If the battery is completely charge, i'd say next step is to trace the wires from the push start down to the starter.

If you've got a charged battery, no breaks in the electrical wires, and the fuses aren't blown. Whelp I just don't know. I bet its your battery though.

used the serch function and found 1 helpfull thread and i hit myself in the head for not trying. I used jumper cables from a good car battery and the bike fired right up. so batt is either no good or just drained!!

Try charging the battery or replacing it if it's old. Check a connections, especially the ground, to make sure they are tight and corrosion free. Make sure the battery is getting charged so you should have 13+ volts with the engine running

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