ttr 110 oil change

Can anyone give me alittle info on this bike Just picked up a 08 thats mint but no manual. Found drain bolt but not sure about amount of trans oil with and without oil filter change and also where would the oil filter be. Thx much

I just picked up an '11 TTR 110 yesterday so I'm no expert on them - but from the manual, there is no oil filter and it takes .85 quarts at the oil change. Best thing to do is just use the oil dipstick to make sure you are in range.

With bike standing straight up, remove dipstick, clean, insert back in but do not screw it back in, oil should be between tip of the dipstick and the max fill line (which is the only line on the dipstick on mine).

great.thx for the info

It takes 800cc's, and there is no filter....

there is no oil filter???? wow. thats kinda strange. I would say the oil would have to be changed at shorter intervals with it not being filtered

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