Idles but won't take any throttle

So I take my old lady riding for the first time on my stock 2011 DRZ-S. I lost it going through a 2 foot deep section of flooded out trail when I hit an unseen rut but had it picked up fairly quickly. It wouldn't start after that and when I got back to the garage I found out the airbox was full of water and the cylinder was flooded with water. I took the bike apart and pulled the spark plug and ran all the water out of it. Squeezed out the filter and dried the airbox. I got it running again and it idles pretty well but if I give it any throttle it putts out. Any advice other than don't drop the bike in deep puddles?

Mine would only idle. Any gas and it would backfire like no ones business. Turned out to be the stator.


i would check the carb; slide, jets for clogging etc..i'm sure others will chime in..since it so knew, may not be your stator but you never know

Been there, the water part I mean, you need to take the carb out for a real cleaning. Might be a good time for a jet kit and 3x3.

+1 try draining the carb float bowl first.

So probably a good time for an FCR. Got it. Thanks for the advice. it's been drying over night so hopefully it helps my cause and I'll learn how to remove the carb today after the trip to Reading, PA.

You still have water in the carb....I would do an oil and filter change and Drain fuel tank ..

Can i just get oil and the filter at my local autozone without getting all that stuff that the thumper link has?

Can i just get oil and the filter at my local autozone without getting all that stuff that the thumper link has?

Do a search here for the NAPA part number for the filter. It comes with replacement o-rings too ( if you need to replace them, which I never did).

It's like getting water in your ear, gotta get it out before you can hear. Same with your carb, water has a bad habit of getting stuck in a jet and doesn't want to leave.

Carb is cleared and it's revving again. Just need to change the oil. Thanks for all the advice everyone. What does a jet kit cost for doing the 3x3?

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if your oil looks milky change it. if it looks okay and you ride often don't worry. a small trace of water in the oil will evaporate when you warm up the motor. a jet kit is about $65.

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add jet kit

I'm going to chamge it now because I'm almost at 500 miles. do they have the jet kit in the TT store? clearly i am an extreme noob on the site and in the field of motorcycle enthusiasm.

Thanks for the link. I haven't been able to load the thumpertalk store for a couple days now on my phone or on my computer for some reason. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem. Hopefully when it starts working again I can get the kit.

will the jds005 jet kit work on my 2011? it indicates 00-09.

00-11 are the same.

Welcome aboard Doc

Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the help. The bike is back up and running like normal again and I now have some experience with taking the bike apart and putting it back together again. I plan on doing the 3x3 mod and rejetting the carb as soon as my old lady will stop riding me about saving money.

Chocolate milk anyone?


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