Side bike?

Found a 2001 YZ250 for cheap, costs 1000 and comes with gear. Think it would be a good bike to have on the side of my 99 yz250? Most if not all parts should interchange. Just not sure on the condition of the pipe, so will have to check it out. Bike comes with fmf fatty pipe set up with some other goodies, while mine has a pc platninum w/ R304.

What are you asking? I guess if it's a nice bike, buy it? and yes, it should have lots of interchangeable parts with your 99

CaveMike has had both. Very good. Small differences only. You take carb off 2001 and put on 1999 if it main bike.

Oh ok cool, thanks for the advise. What improvements will I see with the change in carb?

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