Just got a 450!!!

just wanted to let you guys know that I just got a 2007 Yz 450f!! I can't wait to go riding :smirk:

cool. got pics?

Pics or it didn't happen.

heres one ill take some more in a bit!!!IMG_0518.jpg

Looks nicer than my 07! how much did you pay for that, if you don't mind?

Wow that bike is very clean. Don't know how you guys do it!

Gotta love the 450, just pulled up my street doing a catwalk in 2nd gear all the way up to get my air filter purged of oil (just cleaned it). Gotta love the controllable power on these things, much harder to do on a two stroke.

Great looking bike!

Congrats your gonna love it. I just got an 07 last month and man the thing is awesome.:smirk:

heres some more, btw way i paid 3400 for her :ride:IMG_0518.jpgIMG_0519.jpgIMG_0525.jpgIMG_0526.jpgIMG_0527.jpgIMG_0528.jpg

Looks awesome dude. I just baught an 08 today. My first 450 after riding a 250f for ten years and a yz426 for the last month. I wish i would of went bigger sooner.

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