Cycra Pro Bend handguards

Looking to pick up some Cycra Pro Bend handguards and wondered if anyone hand issues putting them on the stock bars. Just wondered if there was any interference with the handlebar crossbar mount and the handguard mount. Trying to put together my parts list to set the bike up for Hare Scrambles. I've been searching a ton and found a lot of great info/ideas here. This is just step one. :smirk: Thanks!

I really like the mounts that mount to the top triple clamps. pull the two bolts out, get longer bolts, then put the mount there and tighten her up and go bust some trees. i love mine.

awesome! thanks for the tip.

I have the same ones on my '08 that mount to the triple clamps. Had to tweak the handguards a little to get to fit just right but they are great.

In my experience the triple clamp mounts have no adjustment.

If you have bar risers or a taller bend handle bar you must use the u-shaped mounts to get the guards level, or at least get them where I wanted them.

I've used Probends on 8 different bikes and only used the triple clamp mount once on my DRZ

Right now I have the stock Renthal bars on the bike. The cockpit is currently all stock. My fear was/is the handlebar u-mount might be an issue with the cross bar. I don't mind tweaking a bit. Just need to get some ordered.

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