anyone here with a Yoshi PIM2 on there 350?

well i installed the PIM2 according to the instructions. unless im doing something wrong you cannot put the seat on the bike with the bracket located where they want you to put it. that being said what or where have people mounted thier PIM2s at? to add insult to injury while installing my yosh pipe i managed to strip the threads out on the mid pipe... FML cant get anything right lol.:smirk: so now *** do i do about the midpipe?

figured out the pim 2 i had the module in upside down, thats what happens when you mess with something after your so pissed about the pipe. so lol now what do i do about the mid pipe? thin i cant get it helicoiled?

not quite sure what you did to the mid pipe, but cant you just run a longer bolt in there and put a nut on the back side?


i figured it out, i cross threaded the bolt that came with the pipe and it completely fubared the threads on the pressed in nut deal they had. i had that removed and put the stock clip type deal that was on the stocker and used the stock bolt.

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